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  1. The 2017 Phillip J. DiNenno Prize was awarded to the innovators of the VESDA smoke detection system. The initial technology was invented and patented by David Packham and Len Gibson, who worked with John Petersen

    Authors: Peter Johnson, Craig Beyler, Paul Croce, Chris Dubay and Margaret McNamee
    Citation: Fire Science Reviews 2017 6:5
  2. High-strength steels (HSS) are produced using special chemical composition or/and manufacturing processes. Both aspects affect their mechanical properties at elevated temperatures and after cooling down, and p...

    Authors: Chrysanthos Maraveas, Zacharias C. Fasoulakis and Konstantinos Daniel Tsavdaridis
    Citation: Fire Science Reviews 2017 6:3

    The Erratum to this article has been published in Fire Science Reviews 2017 6:4

  3. The 2016 DiNenno Prize recognizes oxygen consumption calorimetry as a significant technical achievement that has had a major impact on public safety. Oxygen consumption calorimetry has made the measurement of ...

    Authors: C. Beyler, P. Croce, C. Dubay, P. Johnson and M. McNamee
    Citation: Fire Science Reviews 2017 6:1
  4. Fires are adverse events with tangible costs for property and human life. Quantification of the immediate and direct costs of fire provide a metric for understanding the social and economic impact of fire and ...

    Authors: Drew Martin, Mai Tomida and Brian Meacham
    Citation: Fire Science Reviews 2016 5:5
  5. Isocyanates are a group of low molecular weight, highly reactive compounds with a functional isocyanate group. The main human exposure route is via inhalation of airborne isocyanates, although dermal exposure ...

    Authors: Linda Bengtström, Mariëlle Salden and Anna A. Stec
    Citation: Fire Science Reviews 2016 5:4
  6. Polyurethane is widely used, with its two major applications, soft furnishings and insulation, having low thermal inertia, and hence enhanced flammability. In addition to their flammability, polyurethanes form...

    Authors: Sean Thomas McKenna and Terence Richard Hull
    Citation: Fire Science Reviews 2016 5:3
  7. Zimbabwe is among the most fire prone countries in Africa south of the Sahara. Annually over 1 million hectares of land are destroyed by wildland fires during the fire season which runs from July to November. ...

    Authors: Luckson Chinamatira, Spikelele Mtetwa and George Nyamadzawo
    Citation: Fire Science Reviews 2016 5:1
  8. Fire investigators have historically relied upon damage as a means to conclude where a fire originated. This review evaluates the historical and current literature on the topic, with a specific emphasis toward...

    Authors: Gregory E Gorbett, Brian J Meacham, Christopher B Wood and Nicholas A Dembsey
    Citation: Fire Science Reviews 2015 4:4
  9. Aluminum alloys are increasingly being used in a broad spectrum of load-bearing applications such as lightweight structures, light rail, bridge decks, marine crafts, and off-shore platforms. A major concern in...

    Authors: Patrick T Summers, Yanyun Chen, Christian M Rippe, Ben Allen, Adrian P Mouritz, Scott W Case and Brian Y Lattimer
    Citation: Fire Science Reviews 2015 4:3
  10. A review concerning road tunnel fire safety and risk is presented. In particular different perspectives and methods on safety and risk are discussed. Road tunnel fire safety usually involves high uncertainty a...

    Authors: Jonatan Gehandler
    Citation: Fire Science Reviews 2015 4:2
  11. Risk perception (RP) is studied in many research disciplines (e.g., safety engineering, psychology, and sociology). Definitions of RP can be broadly divided into expectancy-value and risk-as-feeling approaches...

    Authors: Max T Kinateder, Erica D Kuligowski, Paul A Reneke and Richard D Peacock
    Citation: Fire Science Reviews 2015 4:1
  12. Fires are complex and it is hard to derive relationships from theory in fire science. Full-scale and small-scale experiments have been used with great success in order to increase the understanding of fire che...

    Authors: Nils Johansson
    Citation: Fire Science Reviews 2014 3:2
  13. A lack of information on the effectiveness of fire safety systems, including sprinklers, has been noted as being a limiting factor in the development of performance-based fire safety design. Of the fire safety...

    Authors: Kevin Frank, Neil Gravestock, Michael Spearpoint and Charles Fleischmann
    Citation: Fire Science Reviews 2013 2:6
  14. Fires associated with vehicles have the potential to impact on life safety and property protection. The fire severity characteristics of single passenger vehicle fires are presented in this paper by the total ...

    Authors: Mohd Zahirasri Mohd Tohir and Michael Spearpoint
    Citation: Fire Science Reviews 2013 2:5
  15. Multifunctional buildings have become more common in the last years. At the same time the threat from antagonistic attacks has increased. This presents challenges for the fire safety systems in multifunctional...

    Authors: Martin Nilsson, Håkan Frantzich and Patrick van Hees
    Citation: Fire Science Reviews 2013 2:3
  16. Veld fires are a common phenomenon in the predominantly savanna ecosystems of Zimbabwe. Until now no studies have investigated the causes, and socio-economic and environmental impacts of veld fires in Zimbabwe...

    Authors: George Nyamadzawo, Willis Gwenzi, Artwell Kanda, Alfred Kundhlande and Chipo Masona
    Citation: Fire Science Reviews 2013 2:2
  17. This review analyses and summarises the previous investigations on the oxidation of linseed oil and the self-heating of cotton and other materials impregnated with the oil. It discusses the composition and che...

    Authors: Juita, Bogdan Z Dlugogorski, Eric M Kennedy and John C Mackie
    Citation: Fire Science Reviews 2012 1:3
  18. Fire barrier fabrics are expected to play an increasingly important role in complying with existing and proposed soft furnishing flammability regulations in the US. The number of commercial fire blocking techn...

    Authors: Shonali Nazaré and Rick D Davis
    Citation: Fire Science Reviews 2012 1:1