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Table 1 Studies providing data on sprinkler system component reliability

From: A review of sprinkler system effectiveness studies

Source Country Source of data Application focus
(Watanabe 1979) Japan Maintenance records Japanese buildings
(Moelling et al. 1980) US Unknown US nuclear installations
(Finucane and Pinkney 1988) UK UKAEA Systems Reliability Service General
(Nash and Young 1991) UK UKAEA Systems Reliability Service General
(Budnick 2001) US Collected from several sprinkler systems General
   in one complex over 66 months  
(Ronty and Keski-Rahkonen 2004) Finland Finnish nuclear plant Buildings in Finland
   electronic maintenance reports, (emphasis on nuclear)
   non-nuclear building inspectionn statistics (emphasis on nuclear)
(Hauptmanns et al. 2008) Germany OREDA, IAUT-AC report General
(Gravestock 2008) New Zealand New Zealand fire protection fire safety systems
   industry surveys fire safety systems
(Moinuddin et al. 2009) Australia Historical data from 23 Australian * Australian high-rise
   high-rise office buildings aged 4 to 36 years* office buildings
(SINTEF 2009)   Offshore oil and gas installation Oil and gas
   (10 - 43 pieces of equipment from 1 - 9 installations) installations
(Brammer 2010) Australia and   water supplies
  New Zealand