Book Reviews

Book review: Temperature Calculation in Fire Safety Engineering (Ulf Wickström)

Wickström TextbookCraig Beyler, Editor-in-Chief of Fire Science Reviews, takes a close look into Temperature Calculation in Fire Safety Engineering, by Professor Ulf Wickström, recently published by Springer. This textbook provides a consistent scientific background to engineering calculation methods applicable to analyses of materials reaction-to-fire and fire resistance of structures. Read more here.

Book Review: SFPE Handbook of Fire Protection Engineering, Fifth Edition.

By Kenneth W. Dungan, P.E.

SFPE imageThe fifth edition of the SFPE Handbook of Fire Protection Engineering is significantly changed from the fourth edition.  First, it marks the passing of the mantle of editor-in-chief from Phil DiNenno to Morgan Hurley.  The editorial and author teams Phil assembled and managed through four editions, set a high standard for the handbook and the profession. Read more here.

Book Review: Fluid Mechanics Aspects of Fire and Smoke Dynamics in Enclosures

Capture (1)By Prof. Jim Milke, University of Maryland

Merci and Beji’s new book on fire dynamics with emphasis on the fluids mechanics aspects is a solid contribution to the literature in the field. Its comprehensive discussion of fluid mechanics principles applied to plumes, fire behavior in enclosures and CFD models is unparalleled. 

Read the full review here.

Book Review: Structural Design for Fire Safety, Second Edition

Structural DesignBy Maria E. Garlock, University of Princeton

Structural Design for Fire Safety is an essential resource for structural engineers seeking knowledge in how to analyze and design structures for fire.  It is comprehensive, accessible, well organized, and perhaps the most efficient and effective book for learning about structural fire engineering.  Current events continue to indicate that fires can cause significant structural damage, even structural collapse, in buildings and bridges.  Yet generally the profession does not have the educational preparation for analyzing such behavior, hence the significance of this book.

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