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Table 10 Modified KME constitutive law parameters for 5083-H116

From: Overview of aluminum alloy mechanical properties during and after fires

Parameter Significance Value Source
M Taylor factor 3.07 (Ryen et al. 2006)
α Constant linking dislocation density to flow stress 0.3 (Verdier et al. 1998a)
b Magnitude of Burger’s vector 0.286 nm  
G Shear modulus 26400 MPa  
L0 Annihilation distance between two dislocations of opposite signh 16.6 nm Mean value from 20°C/min tests (Summers et al. 2014)
Ksg Efficiency of dislocation walls for dislocation annihilation 1030 nm (Summers et al. 2014)
θ0 Stage II hardening rate 5000 MPa θ of 20°C/min tests in RX state