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Table 3 Test standards to evaluate the comfort properties of FFPPC

From: Recent trends and future scope in the protection and comfort of fire-fighters’ personal protective clothing

Properties Test standard Description
Air permeability ASTM D 737-96 Standard test method for air permeability of textile fabrics.
ISO 9237-1995 Textiles-determination of the permeability of fabrics to air.
Thermal insulation and WVP ASTM F 1868 Standard test method for thermal and evaporative resistance of clothing materials using a sweating hot plate.
ISO 11092 Textiles-physiological effects-measurement of thermal and water-vapour resistance under steady-state conditions (sweating guarded-hotplate test).
ASTM F 1291 Standard test method for measuring the thermal insulation of clothing using a heated manikin.
ASTM F 2370 Standard test method for measuring the evaporative resistance of clothing using a sweating manikin.
ASTM F 2371 Standard test method for measuring the heat removal rate of personal cooling systems using a sweating heated manikin.
ASTM E 96 Standard test methods for water vapour transmission of materials.
Moisture management property AATCC 195 Liquid moisture management properties of textile fabrics.
Horizontal wicking AATCC 198-2011 Horizontal wicking of textiles.
Vertical wicking AATCC 197-2011 Vertical wicking of textiles.
Drying time AATCC 199-2011 Drying time of textiles: moisture analyser method.
Absorbency AATCC 79 Absorbency of textiles.
Physiological responses ASTM F 2668 Standard practice for determining the physiological responses of the wearer to protective clothing ensembles.