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Table 11 Unclassfied vehicles

From: Distribution analysis of the fire severity characteristics of single passenger road vehicles using heat release rate data

ID Vehicle make and model Vehicle year Curb weight (kg) Facility type Condition Ignition source Ignition location Incipient stage Mass loss rate Carbon emission/Product consumption Heat release rate evaluation method Smoke production Reference and experiment date (ED)/report submitted (RS)/date published (DP)
U1 Unknown 1998 N/A Open Calorimeter Battery removed, petrol tank emptied, air bags, belt stretchers, side impact protection inactivated. 0.21 L of mineral spirits On driver’s seat and right rear passenger seat Included N Y (CO, HCN, HCl & SO2 production) Oxygen depletion N (Lönnermark and Blomqvist 2006)
  RS 21 Dec 2004