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Table 8 Antagonistic exposures

From: Selection and evaluation of fire related scenarios in multifunctional buildings considering antagonistic attacks

Step Examples of aspects to consider
Existence Who is hostile to the assets, organization etc. and might they be present at the location?
Capability What methods, material, means etc. do the aggressors have? Is the material available at the building or do they need to bring it?
History What has the aggressors done in the past? Where have they done it? Is there any history of such events in the area?
Intention What do the aggressor hope to achieve? (vandalism, political, excitement etc.)
Threats Explosion (e.g. by stationary vehicle, moving vehicle, mail, supply, thrown, placed, personnel), arson (e.g. via direct contact or remotely via projectile), attacks on electrical supply, fire protection systems (e.g. by-passing, damaged by initiating event, attacks on evacuation routs and stairs) etc.
Security Surveillance, access limitation, site perimeter, lighting, security personnel etc.