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Table 5 Asset evaluation form with examples

From: Selection and evaluation of fire related scenarios in multifunctional buildings considering antagonistic attacks

Asset evaluation form   Support systemsa    
  Asset Electricity    
Switchgear/ transformer Cables Heat Cooling Tele-comm.
  Data system X X    
Prot. Obj. RTO 8 h Max 4 h outage due to 4 h reboot    
Damage Criteria 200°C on critical cables, smoke in both server rooms 360°C on linings    
Construction & HVAC 3 h fire rated, separate vent sys, holes in wall 2 gypsum on metal studs, ventilation direct to outside    
Occupancy Comp. equip, regular comb.     
Exposure Electrical fault, hot work, targeted attack with flam liq     
Protection/ Security Clean agent extinguishing sys., steel door, access control, back-up of data off site     
Possible Scenarios Fire in comp. equip., fire in reg. comb., flam liq fire in both server rooms (Antagonistic)     
  1. aNot all possible support systems are listed, just examples, others might include but is not limited to, server room, computer room, control room, water, evacuation alarm, structural frame, ventilation, gas, sewer, personnel, customers etc.