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Table 1 Problems to consider in the method

From: Selection and evaluation of fire related scenarios in multifunctional buildings considering antagonistic attacks

Aspect that needs to be considered/addressed in the method M = Multifunctional
A = Antagonistic
Flexibility so that a large variety of protection objectives can be addressed M
Large number of stakeholders M
Stakeholders with a high exposure to antagonistic attacks (exposing less exposed stakeholders) A
The initiating event might impair both passive and active fire safety features A
Common-cause failure due to large number of protection systems and increased probability for common-cause failure due to larger initiating event. A/M
A lot of different functions provided, however not all are of main concern and the most important ones need to be determined M
The fire severity, fire development or growth rate might be higher than what is usually designed for (including what protection systems are designed for) A/M
Support systems that are important for functions and fire safety features A/M
Domino effects (e.g. fire following explosion) A
Location of fire (critical locations, e.g. sensitive areas, smaller fires where fire protection do not achieve the protection objective) A/M
Security features (surveillance, access control, easy access areas etc.) A
How to determine relevant antagonistic attacks (both large scale and small as arson) A
First priority should be life safety then the core function of the building A/M
Core functions of the building and relevant stakeholders need to be determined A/M
Areas or functions needed to handle an ongoing event need to be analyzed A/M
Guidance on firm and measurable protection objectives M
Flexibility to take into account emergency management plans and action plans M
Higher tendency for failure of protection system due to maintenance issues M
Passive protection might be inadequate due to maintenance problems M
External exposures such as a bomb threated vehicle brought into the building for evacuation A
Method needs to be simple enough to identify and determine scenarios to be analyzed during a site visit -