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Table 1 Standards and test methods for mattress and beddings

From: Assessment of factors affecting fire performance of mattresses: a review

Issuing Authority/Country Standard Code (Effective/Revised date) Scope Measured parameters
United States
Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) 16 CFR 1632 Prescribes a test procedure for determination of ignition resistance of residential mattress when exposed to lighted cigarette. Char length in any direction from the nearest point of the cigarette.
  16 CFR 1633 (Effective July 1, 2007) Standard for the flammability (open flame) of residential mattress sets Peak and total heat release rate.
BHFTI (State of California, Department of Consumer Affairs) Cal TB 129 Flammability test procedure for mattresses for use in public buildings Peak and total heat release rate, mass loss in open (or furniture) calorimetry test.
  Cal TB 603 (January 2005) ( now superseded by 16 CFR 1633) Test procedure for open-flame fire testing of residential mattresses under well-ventilated conditions. Rate of heat release in oxygen consumption calorimetry and burning behavior.
  Cal TB 604: (January 2005, Rule making suspended in March 29, 2010) Flammability (open flame) standard for filled bedclothes: Comforters and bed spreads  
  Section 1   Percentage weight loss
  Section 2 Pillows and bed cushions Percentage weight loss
  Section 3 Mattress pads Burning behavior
  Cal TB 106 Superseded by 16 CFR 1632 Resistance of mattress or mattress pad to cigarette ignition. Char length in any direction from the nearest point of the cigarette.
  Cal TB 121 Flammability of mattresses used in high risk occupancies subjected to a galvanized metal container with ten (10) double sheets of loosely wadded news paper Mass loss, change in temperature at the ceiling and CO production
Boston Fire Department (Boston, Massachusetts) B oston f ire Department Method ix-11 Mattresses (with bedclothes) intended for use in health care facilities, hotels and dormitories Full scale burning behavior using furniture calorimeter
  M ichigan Roll-Up Test For mattresses used in jails Mattress or pads are rolled up, tied and stuffed with newspaper and leaned against the bed frame. There is no specified test criteria
American Standard Test Methods (ASTM) ASTM E-1590 Standard test method for determination of burning behavior of mattresses used in public occupancies Rate of heat release by an oxygen consumption method, production of light-obscuring smoke and the concentrations of certain toxic gas species in the combustion gases
  ASTM D 7140 Test method to measure heat transfer through textile thermal barrier materials. Heat transfer properties of barrier material when exposed to a calibrated convective and radiant energy heat source for 60 seconds
  ASTM D 7016 Test method to evaluate edge binding components (e.g. thread, tape)used in mattresses after exposure to an open flame Flammability characteristics of mattress edge bindings and sewing threads during and after exposure to an open flame ignition source.
National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) NFPA 267 Standard method of test for fire characteristics of mattresses and bedding assemblies exposed to flaming ignition source Heat release, smoke density, weight loss, and generation of carbon monoxide of mattresses and bedding assemblies using an open calorimeter environment.
Underwriters' Laboratories (UL) CAN/ULC-S137 Standard test method for fire growth of mattresses (open flame test) Measures PHRR, THR and mass loss when subjected to a specified flaming ignition source under well ventilated conditions
  UL 1895 Fire tests of mattresses Investigates the ability of a mattress to resist rapid heat release when subjected to a flaming ignition source
  UL 2060 (withdrawn) Standard for fire test of mattresses with bedclothes using a furniture calorimeter Investigates the ability of a mattress to resist rapid heat release when subjected to a flaming ignition source
United Kingdom
British Standards Institution (BS) BS EN 597: 1995 Assessment of the ignitability of mattress sets Burning behavior: Unsafe escalating combustion
  (Replaced BS 6807:1990) Ignition source: smoldering cigarette. Match flame equivalent Smoldering through thickness Char length
    Flaming ignition in case of match-flame equivalent ignition source
  BS 7177:2008 Specification for resistance to ignition of mattresses, mattress pads, divans and bed bases -
  BS 7175:1989 Methods of test for the ignitability of bedcovers and pillows by smoldering and flaming ignition sources Burning behavior observed for : Hole formation, melting, dripping, charring, ignition and development of flames from smoldering.
Swedish Standards Institute/Sweden SS EN 597:1994 Same as BS EN 597 : 1995  
  SS 876 00 10 Hospital beds, high performance  
Denmark NT FIRE 037 Procedure to determine the ignitability of bedclothes, including mattress pad with small smoldering and flaming sources of ignition. Individual component test
German Institute of Standards (DIN) DIN EN 14533 Textiles and textile products - Burning behavior of bedding items - Classification scheme -
International Maritime Organization (IMO) IMO MSC. 61(67), Annex 1, Part 9, MO Res A.688 (17) Ignitability of bedding components As mentioned in NFPA 267, ASTM 1590 16 CFR 1633
ISO ISO 12952–2:1998 Burning behavior of bedding items -- Part 2: Specific test methods for the ignitability by a smoldering cigarette Char length, smoldering and formation of holes