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Table 2 Performance and properties of various cover fabrics in cigarette ignition and small open flame tests (Memorandum to D [2004])

From: A review of fire blocking technologies for soft furnishings

Sample description Fiber content Fabric construction Area density, (g/m) Cigarette ignition test Small open flame test
Cover Fabric I 100% FR Polyester Plain weave 220 Not Tested √/P
Cover Fabric II 100% cotton Twill 413 X √/F
Cover Fabric III 100% cotton Pile weave corduroy 332 X √/F
Cover Fabric IV 100% Cotton Plain weave 220 X √/F
Cover Fabric V 56%Rayon/34%polyester/10%cotton Jacquard 349 X √/F
Cover Fabric VI 60% acetate/40% cotton taffeta 136 X √/F
Cover Fabric VII 100% silk Plain weave 125 X X
Cover Fabric VIII 57% acrylic/31%polyester/12% olefin Plain weave 303 X √/F
  1. X : no ignition, √/P: ignition but passes the test, √/F: ignites and fails the test.